Welcome to the Jordano Insurance Group

For more than a quarter century, local insurance expert Keith Jordano has put his clients first. The Jordano Insurance Group has been serving the community’s insurance needs through all phases of life.

“We do health, Medicare, auto, home, life, group and individual products,” Jordano said. “This allows clients to transition through a variety of life changes.”

The New Orleans native has worked across the country with massive insurance corporations, but he has found a long-term home here in the western communities.

Working, living, playing and serving locally is Jordano’s focus.

The Royal Palm Beach community has benefited from this service through his longtime work with the Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club, of which he is a past president. He is also a longtime, active member at Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Catholic Church in Royal Palm Beach.

“When I first got to Florida, I traveled all over the state. I know about the State of Florida and understand that someone in the Panhandle is different from Tampa, different from Naples and different from Miami. They have different upbringings, attitudes and opinions,” Jordano said. “You’ve got to be able to sit down and listen to what people need and not assume what they want. It is important to know your clients personally.”

The Jordano Insurance Group is a one-stop shop for all insurance needs, but also for all group sizes.

“I do work with individuals, but I also have small groups that I do health and voluntary products in, and I’ve worked with very large companies that have thousands of employees to help educate their employees on what their benefits are,” Jordano explained. “I have clients in the VA that I have helped with insurance, and I keep in touch with my brothers in service.”

Jordano is a veteran of the U.S. Naval Reserves and is a member of the American Legion.

Having diverse expertise in the insurance world gives Jordano the ability to gently guide customers through everything from explaining the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act to determining the types of insurance and coverage they really need.

“The computer age is zooming along. You get so much information and do a lot of things on the computer, but at the end of the day, people don’t want to talk to a computer if they have an issue,” Jordano said. “People don’t want to enter stuff on the web not knowing what the person on the other end is going to do.”

Jordano understands that he is working with real people, not just numbers in an algorithm. Some companies spend money on computer software to do research instead of looking out for the best interest of an individual client.

“When working with individuals, I explain everything. A computer may give you the best price out there, but it doesn’t necessarily help you keep your doctor,” he said. “The first words out of my mouth are always, ‘Do you want a particular doctor in your network?’”

From the first meeting, Jordano ensures that the needs of his clients are addressed thoroughly.

“We are there for all your insurance needs, and our customers always come first,” he said. “You don’t turn your back on people who need help — there is no judgement or making assumptions about clients. Labels don’t work. I have worked hard in the field so my clients can rest easy. I am always available, and if I don’t have the answer right away, I will get on it.”

Jordano understands that this is also a difficult time for many who have undergone career and economic changes. Being flexible keeps clients at ease during a time of uncertainty and drastic changes.

“I’m happy to meet in person or over the phone. I try to help clients feel comfortable with the process, whether it be working with them over the internet or socially distanced,” he said. “If I can help someone meet their needs and give them a good umbrella, not sell them the most expensive policy, then I’ve done the right thing.”

Jordano has worked as a leader in the healthcare insurance industry. In 2015, he traveled to the nation’s capital to lobby on behalf of healthcare reform with the Palm Coast Association of Health Underwriters, and he looks forward to doing so again.

Jordano’s work with the Rotary and local chambers of commerce reflect a pattern of leadership and service that now includes the role of an elected official. Jordano serves on the Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors, a seat he won in November 2020.

“I’ve served my clients, and I felt like the next step would be to serve not only my clients, but the entire community. So, I ran for office to be a representative of the people — not a politician,” Jordano explained. “Just like in insurance, you have to research who you put in office. You have to make sure that the person you elect will be there to protect your interests.”

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